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Microphone Diffusion Acoustic Foam - Griffin Recording Soundproof Mic Insulation


Reel EFX DF-50 DMX Diffusion Hazer, Atmospheric Fog Machine for Special Effects.


HYBRID ACOUSTIFUSER - Absorption/Diffusion Panel


Reel EFX 1 Gallon Diffusion Fluid, DF50 Diffusion Hazer #DIFFUSIONFLUIDGALLON


Custom Made Diffuser Gobo Recording Studio Acoustics Diffusor Diffusion


Lot of 5 3" Lindahl Drop in Filters Tiffen Star Warm/Soft FX 2 Pearl Diffusion


Classic Acoustic Skyline Diffuser | Acoustic Treatments




2D Sound Diffuser


2 PCS Skyline WDS7 Sound Acoustic Diffuser Diffusor Panel Absorption Treatment


Skyline RPG 2D Sound Acoustic Diffuser Diffusor Panel Absorption Treatment


Auralex WavePrism Wood Diffusion Panel 2 Pack Acoustic Treatment


ULTRA DIY Acoustic Skyline Diffuser Diffusor Treatment 1ea18"x18"x8 Panel QRD 2D


SKYLINE DIFFUSER - Golden Pecan Finish - 2ftx2ft by Next Generation Acoustics


Skyline QRD Fractal Sound Acoustic Diffuser Diffusor Panel Absorption


ATS Acoustic Diffuser


American DJ DF-64 Diffusion Filter for LED Par Fixtures - DF 64 Diffusor


Diffuser City's 1' x 1' MLS / QRD type WOOD audio diffuser Unpainted Montreal


Skyline Diffusers - (2ftx2ft) by Next Generation Acoustics


Studio Microphone Diffuser Isolation Sound Absorber Foam Panel Shield Stand Mic


Acoustic Wooden Sound Diffuser 2ft x 2ft by Gunosz


Primacoustic VoxGuard Microphone Diffuser Isolation Shield Booth


Reel EFX 1 Gallon Non-Oil Diffusion Fluid for DF-50 Diffusion Hazer #DFGNO


DIY Acoustic Skyline Diffuser, Diffusor Treatment, 1ea 18"x18"x8" Panel QRD 2D


ATS Acoustic Diffuser 23 x 23 x 6


Rycote Softie, Long Hair Wind Diffusion, 5cm Long with Large Hole #033013


FXpansion BLOOM Creative Delay And Diffusion Effect eDelivery JRR Shop


Blizzard Lighting HOTBOX DIFFUSION,Hotbox series Diffusion Panel


GAM #35 Medium GAM Spun diffusion media filter


ETC Source Four LED- Soft Focus Diffuser (spare diffusion media only) 7460A4019


Rycote Softie Long Hair Wind Diffusion 12cm Medium Hole #033032